Swedish keyboard with Arabic romanization

Swedish keyboard layout for Microsoft Windows containing features for easily entering special letters used for Arabic romanization/transliteration. Distributed under the GNU General Public License. This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTIES. Use it at your own risk.

Download zip file (359 kb)

Source code is available from Github:

Special letters for romanization of Arabic are based on ALA-LC romanization scheme for Arabic (American Library Association – Library of Congress). This scheme is in wide use today. See Wikipedia on Romanization of Arabic.

Short instructions for installation and use:

  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. Go to swe-arn folder and open setup.exe, follow the instructions to install the program.
  3. Log-out from your computer and log-in.
  4. If the keyboard is not visible in the list of languages in the Taskbar, you can manually install it in Control Panel -> Languages.

The key “-” in standard Swedish layout has been turned into a dead key. Press this key once, then press any of the following keys to get a corresponding character.

– ==> – (hyphen)
==> – (hyphen, with space)
_ ==> _ (underscore)
, ==> – (en dash)
. ==> — (em dash)
a ==> ā (alif madda)
A ==> Ā (Alif madda)
q ==> á (alif maqṣūrah)
Q ==> Á (Alif maqṣūrah
z ==> ẓ (ẓā)
Z ==> Ẓ (Ẓā)
s ==> ṣ (ṣād)
S ==> Ṣ (Ṣād)
d ==> ḍ (ḍād)
D ==> Ḍ (Ḍād)
f ==> ʼ (hamza, but not before a word)
j ==> ʻ (ʻain)
e ==> ē (not for Arabic, other languages)
E ==> Ē (not for Arabic, other languages)
t ==> ṭ (ṭā)
T ==> Ṭ (Ṭā)
u ==> ū (waw madda)
U ==> Ū (Waw madda)
i ==> ī (yā madda)
I ==> Ī (Yā madda)
h ==> ḥ (ḥā)
H ==> Ḥ (Ḥā)