I have been a passionate programmer and coder, starting since my bachelor studies. Even before that, I was an avid computer user in the 90’s. My experience encompasses many programming systems, languages and paradigms. Here is a brief overview.

Python is my current tool of choice that I use in my present job.

Haskell has been my favorite language for a long time, with long development experience during my PhD.

Java: Web and desktop development experience.

Visual Basic (later, .NET and C#): some projects during bachelor and masters.

PHP: Built some simple tools. Development in Drupal.

C/C++: old is gold. I participated in a programming competition in C++ during my bachelor. Its been a while now since I moved to Haskell.

Cobol: Two and half years experience of software development in an electricity company (billing).

Latex and typography is my passion. Especially typesetting books in English and in Arabic script (right-to-left layout).


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Some projects

ubook: Latex document class for typesetting books in Urdu